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ruth mc

Ruth McMonagle, lover of knowledge beauty

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Ruth has lived in four provinces coast to coast, three major cities and sojourned on three continents. Home has been Campbell River, Vancouver Island since 1981, with brief times abroad. Ruth studied at Providence College, University of Winnipeg, Regent College on the UBC campus, Vancouver Community College, professional division, and NWBTC.

While at university, Ruth took an interdisciplinary degree with a strong emphasis on cultural history. At that time she spent two years at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in sales.




spacerMcMonagle began her love of photography with a Brownie camera at age 6. While wandering down a country road in Southern Ontario, she wished to capture the stillness of the drowsy summer scene. In photography without artifice, she continues to find authenticity and value in the still waters of life. As a 'still' medium, in photography there is meditative power, and insight.